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MIDWEEK MUSINGS – Sept 28, 2021 – John Knox


This will be a busy week for me, even though it is the end of the month. You know about the graveside service for Travis Barks on Wednesday at Noon at Memorial Gardens. I hope to see some of you there. Also, I am participating in a wedding on Friday for a young woman who grew up in my congregation in Jefferson County. Her family came to that congregation when she was two – it doesn’t seem that long ago! The Presbytery has scheduled a required “boundary training” session for Thursday. I can’t skip it as if I’m retired, because – well, you know!

Just as the secular world promotes a very busy schedule toward the end of the year with focus on major holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as ball games, so too the church put major items on its schedule – stewardship, new officers, Advent and Christmas. Maybe things just feel busier than normal this year because last year was lock-down and skipping many things. I encourage you to participate in those activities that bring you energy and joy, as well as those that are necessary for moving us forward. But please continue to be safe; the pandemic is not over, and the infection rate especially among children is very worrisome. Wear your masks; get vaccinated, get your flu shot.

I hope you will all support our “Trunk or Treat” for area-wide children. Saturday, Sept 30, 10am-Noon. We need cars with candy in their trunks, as well as people to help. Talk with Kathy Babbitt for more information.

Next Sunday, Oct 3 is World Communion Sunday. As we share the sacrament, we are reminded that millions of folks like us are sharing communion around the world. It is a time to celebrate our unity in Christ, “for God so loved the world.” We will receive the PCUSA Peace and Global Witness Special Offering to benefit justice and peace efforts around the world. 25% will be retained at John Knox for a project in this area.

Our fall Stewardship Campaign will kick off on Sunday also, with a theme “A Vision in Uncertain Times.” We will focus on what we have been doing as well as what mission and ministry might be in our future.

One final note about courtesy: Please do not use Kim’s desk. If, for example, you need to look up a phone number, that information is on the volunteer’s desk – As are pens, note paper, etc. Kim has come to work recently to find her desk in some disarray. Please observe the courtesy protocols.

And, yes, take a deep breath – busy days ahead. 😊 Grace and peace, Pastor Carol

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