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MIDWEEK MUSINGS (or in this case Monday) – Dec 6, 2021 – John Knox


I am getting ready to host my clergy group this morning and feeling very out of practice! After almost 2 years of not hosting people in my house, it feels familiar and at the same time strange. I am a big believer in hospitality, and having people overused to be a common practice. I guess this is just one of the “strange” changes we face from the pandemic. I am tired of it, and yet I know it is not over. We must remain vigilant, especially as so many people remain unvaccinated. That is how a virus mutates; it needs unvaccinated “hosts” to enter and form variants. Please, if you have not yet gotten your shots, do so as soon as possible. And if you have, then get the booster. Let’s be part of the solution!

We will have our first discussion of the study book The Sailboat Church on Wednesday evening at 6:30pm via Zoom. Please watch for the link. I am asking that you read the first 4 chapters for this week, and the next 4 for next week. If you have time, please look at the questions at the end of each chapter. Our final study time will be in January – date and time to be determined. We will start our season of prayer, based on the material in the book on Friday, Dec 10 with completion by January 22. I have built in a few extra days to allow for the holidays. There were still 3 books in the office yesterday, so if you want one, please get it before Wednesday.

We are asking for donations of unused Christmas decorations for a nursing home that needs some. Steve Pape’s girlfriend Jennifer works there and says they don’t have Christmas decorations and don’t plan to purchase any. If you have things, you are not using, please bring them to church and put on or near the bench in the entry way.

Our custodian Steve will be on vacation over the holidays, and we are asking for helpers who would be willing to come by and empty the trash over those 2 weeks. The office will be “closed” the week following Christmas, with Kim and myself working primarily from home.

A reminder that our Christmas Eve service will begin with a time of special music at 5:00pm and the service starting about 5:30pm. Please extend an invitation to family, friends, and neighbors to join us. And I still need volunteers as readers for the service.

Grace and peace, Pastor Carol

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