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MIDWEEK MUSINGS – October 5, 2021 – John Knox


I hope you have been enjoying these cooler days. It is a bit surprising to have such warm weather into October. I was looking at my clothes over the weekend, thinking that usually by now I would be packing away summer things and getting out some fall clothes. But this year I’m still wearing summer clothes!

It was good to see so many here on Sunday. We are still observing pandemic protocols, mask wearing and distancing. I’m booked for my booster vaccine next week, which I’m pleased about. I continue to encourage you to get vaccinated if you are not yet. If you want to talk with me about it, I’m willing, but the best one to talk with is your doctor. Please don’t believe everything you read on the internet. The internet is such a valuable tool, but it is also susceptible to misinformation. We need to be careful and check facts with reliable sources.

During October we will be hearing about John Knox’s stewardship emphasis. The theme is “A Vision In Uncertain Times.” During worship the next two Sundays there will be presentations about how we have continued to serve during the pandemic, pictures of various members carrying out our church’s mission and ministry. Then during the week of Oct 18, you will receive the mailing with more information and the pledge card. We are asking that the pledges be returned by Oct 29; they will be dedicated during worship on Oct 31. And no, I’ll try not to make “Halloween jokes” about them 😊

I am gratified by the response we are having supporting our “Trunk or Treat.” It promises to be a fun morning. I have booked a balloon animal artist which should be a hit with everyone. Cars with open trunks and lots of candy are needed; costumes if possible; smiles of welcome essential!

The Session has called a congregational meeting at the close of worship Oct 24 for the purpose of electing the new class of elders, and the congregational members of the Nominating Committee. Thanks in advance to those who have said “yes,” and to those who have faithfully served these past 3 years.

I will not be in the office next Tuesday, as I am attending a virtual day-long workshop dealing with financial and building matters. It is being presented by the Presbyterian Foundation. If any of you might be interested, the registration information is in the weekly Presbytery e-newsletter.

Grace and peace, Pastor Carol

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