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MIDWEEK MUSINGS – October 12, 2021 – John Knox


Today I am taking what we sometimes call a “study” day. I have registered for a series of webinars presented by the Presbyterian Foundation about the issues of church property, hoping to gain both knowledge and insight as John Knox has a number of issues around the church property. This educational event is offered at no cost by the Foundation as part of their ongoing service to local congregations.

Did you know we now have an account with the Foundation which allows you to set up a regular donation to John Knox? This is just another tool which can be used to support the church’s mission and ministry. Some people find this a convenient way to make their financial contributions. I heard on NPR this morning their start of their fall membership drive – offering the same concept. You decide how much you want to contribute, usually on a monthly basis, and set up the automatic withdrawal. The Foundation will track your contributions and provide an end-of-the-year tax statement to you. Some people prefer to have an automatic withdrawal from their local bank account directly sent to the church. We hope to have a “donate now” button activated soon on our web page.

Whatever means you choose, a check placed regularly in the offering plate in the narthex, a check mailed to the church if you are not here in person, or an automatic withdrawal, the important thing is your regular and generous financial support of John Knox. This support allows us to continue to serve God and neighbor. On Sunday Pearl Rogers reminded us of some of the ways we have been able to serve, even in a pandemic. Let’s keep it up! A mailing with your pledge card for 2022 will come next week. Please fill it out and return to the church promptly. We will dedicate the pledges on Oct 31.

I hope many of you are planning to be part of our “Trunk or Treat” on Sat Oct 30. If you need decorations, there are some at church available for you to use.

And a reminder that the Session has called a congregational meeting following worship Oct 24 for the purpose of electing a new class of officers. Please be present if at all possible.

Grace and peace, Pastor Carol

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