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MIDWEEK MUSINGS – Nov 30, 2021 – John Knox


Did you know that if you would like to view the “24 Silent Nights” that we did last year, they are still available on our Facebook page? Just go to videos there and scroll down until you find them. I was and am so grateful to all the folks who made the effort to participate in this project during a time when we could not be together.

Several people got their Sailboat Church books on Sunday. There are still 4 books left. If you want to join us in reading and discussing the book, please come by and get a copy and start reading. I will let you know when our first Zoom discussion will be. And we will pick a date to start our season of prayer together.

PLEASE do not turn any of the thermostats OFF. They have been programmed for our normal use time. If you need to turn on heat while you are working in a room, just push the “override” and that will turn the heat on, and then it will turn back off automatically after you leave. When I got here this past Sunday, there was no heat in the sanctuary because it had been turned off. I knew enough to push the “override” and I was here early enough that by 9:30 it was OK.

Helpers needed for several things:

Christmas Eve – I need 6 readers for the scripture readings (the Lessons). I would especially like to use any young adults who may be home for Christmas – high school and above. Let me know as soon as possible. Remember we will have a “mini-concert” beginning at 5:00PM, before the service. I hope you will invite friends and family to share with us this special time. We will live-stream both the concert and service.

Task Forces – If you are willing to work with several of your congregant friends, we need folks who will work on a task force to consider options for the building and what is involved with each. We also need people who will plan with me the putting together of the mission study, etc, including the congregational discussion after we finish reading the book and praying – not that we ever finish praying 😊 It is important that we have representative groups for both of these. Which one fits your skills and interest better? Tell me right away, so these groups can get started.

Custodian – Steve will be on vacation Dec 24-Jan 6. Are you willing to come by a time or two to empty the trash? The office will be closed Dec 27-31 for regular office hours, although Kim and I will be in and out, working mostly from home.

Best email to reach me or home phone 636-256-3558

Blessings as we enter this time of Advent preparation together. Pastor Carol

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