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MIDWEEK MUSINGS – Nov 2, 2021 – John Knox


What a fun weekend! The Trunk or Treat on Saturday was a big success, with lots of people and laughter and candy! Special thanks to Kathy Babbitt who put it together, and thanks to all of you who helped. It is so important to plan activities to reach out to our community, especially to children. Any ideas for something for Christmas?

Speaking of Christmas (hard to believe it is time to plan, right?) I need to set a time for the Christmas Eve service. Remember last year when we were still shut down and gathered in the bitter windy cold outside? Brrrrr. This year will be inside. This is your opportunity to say what start time you prefer – between 5:30 to 7:30pm. I won’t please everyone, but will try to go with what the majority prefer. Let me know.

If you have not sent your names to Kim for All Saints, please do so today! We will have slides for members who have died this year. And I will read other names of family and friends that you send in. There will be extra candles to light for your family members.

And remember the workshop led by Rev. Dr. Howard following worship to get us moving along the road toward discerning John Knox’s future. It will begin following worship in the sanctuary.

I am grateful for you who made sure to get your pledges for 2022 in by this past Sunday. They were dedicated during worship. If you have not yet sent your pledge to the church, please do so as soon as possible. We want the budget to accurately reflect the pledged amount. We always have to do a little guess work – or should I say “faith work” – but we want to be as close to reality as we can.

Finally, I saw a news item giving the worldwide death toll from COVID at over 5 million people. That is almost impossible for me to wrap my head around. What a tragedy and loss! I was able to get my booster shot a couple of weeks ago. I hope by now you and your family and friends are vaccinated, and I have my fingers crossed for children being eligible soon. Praise God for all those involved in research and preparation and distribution of the vaccines!

Grace and peace, Pastor Carol

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