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MIDWEEK MUSINGS – Nov 17, 2021 – John Knox


So, this column did not get written yesterday! The day was filled with other things at the office, including writing a Pastor’s report for Session and a column for the December newsletter. I also met with Pearl Rogers and Kathy Hoffman to make sure we have the budget ready for Session on Sunday. I talked with Steve about various items related to the building and worked with Kim on a variety of things.

It occurs to me this morning that busyness is such an issue during this season – end of the year, Thanksgiving, Christmas. We have to be intentional about making time and space for faith, daily prayer – all the really important strength-building in our lives and hearts. I love the opportunities for giving to others that happen during this time but wish the focus could be found during the entire year! And in some cases, it is. I appreciate Marianne’s keeping TEAM in front of us, encouraging us to put extra in our grocery cart every time we shop. I appreciate the emphasis on a different mission opportunity during the year, which opens our eyes to all the need and therefore the call to help.

As we prepare in our homes and families for the Thanksgiving celebration next week, I hope you are finding time for focus some time on the God who gives us all we need and have, and who encourages us to “share what we have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”

Grace and peace, Pastor Carol

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