MIDWEEK MUSINGS – June 15, 2021 – John Knox


I’m trying to tell myself that 90 is better than 95, but to tell you the truth – it is still too hot for me I am not a fan of hot summer. After this year as we have been in forced isolation, I want to be out and about, seeing people, etc. But the heat makes me pretty lethargic. I think the summer lethargy was in my office computer this morning. It was so slow and unresponsive, I finally gave up and cameon home to do things that needed doing, such as this weekly email.

I’m assuming many of you heeded my warning about the lack of AC in the sanctuary last Sunday, because the number of folks present was about half what we have been seeing. I know it is being worked on, so I hope we will be more comfortable next Sunday. Especially since I read the het index on the weekend is to be over 100. Please be careful about getting out and about in the heat. After survivingthe pandemic, we recognize how precious each person is, and we don’t want to be missing anyone else! And yes, I know the pandemic isn’t over, but thanks to the vaccinesand so many of you gettingyour shot, I am feeling much relief.

Let’s all remember those who are having to work outside in the heat – as witness the street construction crews working in my subdivision and in front of my house right now. We all benefit from those who are doing the hard and hot work on our behalf, and we need to give thanks for them. I am also thinking of those who don’t have AC in their homes, or some of the other privileges we too often take for granted. Be aware of those you know who may need assistance. As they say on the news, “Check on the elderly and watch out for your pets.”

Stay safe and well! Pastor Carol

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