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MIDWEEK MUSINGS – Jan 4, 2022 – John Knox


I’ve entered the time period in which I have to consciously remember to write 2022 rather than 2021. Isn’t that the way of habits? We just keep on keeping on, and it takes conscious thought to change something. John Knox is facing that kind of decision-making. What needs to change to restore our commitment to renewed ministry? What can we change to ensure new vitality? Well, the first thing is to pray that you will be open to renewal by the Spirit. And then to open yourself to listening for the urging of the Spirit. That’s what the Sailboat Church book is about. I would like to hear from you about how your reading and praying is going.

I was so sorry to have to cancel my Open House, but the spike in Covid cases is alarming; Omicron seems to be everywhere! I don’t want to stop having worship in-person, as some churches are doing, but I do want you to take advantage of online worship, if possible, at least for a while. Thank you for your continued faithfulness in wearing masks, annoying I know, but important. Also, if you are not vaccinated, PLEASE!!! And if vaccinated, get boosted. Omicron is causing breakthrough infections, but vaccinated folks are not likely to have serious illness. I do not want to lose any of you!

If you are supposed to do an annual report, please get it to Kim this week. Remember the annual meeting of the congregation is Jan 30 following worship. We are planning to ordain and install the new class of elders on Jan 9. Welcome and thanks to David Hanheide, Marilyn Lange, and Angie Parr, as they begin this particular service to the church. And thanks to Mae Ireland, Jeanette Blincoe, and Jerry Cuddy, who are rotating off after their 3 years of service.

Grace to you and peace, Pastor Carol

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