Midweek Musings - Feb 16, 2021

Midweek Musings – John Knox – Feb 16, 2021


Although today is a lovely day with sunshine, the snow is piled high! And because of the cold it is not melting. My driveway is too high for me to get my car out; I fear some shoveling is required. The streets have been plowed but are still snow-covered. Mother Nature got us this time for sure! And the forecast is for more snow tomorrow.

So – no ashes at church tomorrow. Tommy is setting up a zoom for 6:30pm for a short time of prayer and reflection for Ash Wednesday. I also am attaching to this email a booklet of which there are copies for you that I was going to hand out tomorrow. I hope you can print it out so you’ll have the “coloring pages” to use. I was introduced to this company (owned by a PCUSA pastor who is also an artist) last year. I used their weekly illustrations for the children at Faith Des Peres, since we couldn’t have Sunday School. I discovered many adults enjoyed them also – as did I. When I went looking at home for some crayons and coloring pencils, what I found were worn-out bits and pieces. I bought some new ones and entertained myself coloring again. I have no drawing ability at all, but I can color within the lines

We expect to be back on track next Sunday with recording a service, so you will have one on Feb 28. There is not a new one for Feb 21, nor will there be zoom fellowship that day, so view one of our old services, or visit another church online. It’s the “snow Sunday” but a week late.

I hope many of you by now have either downloaded for yourself or picked up a copy at church of the Lenten study. The readings start tomorrow, Ash Wednesday, and our first zoom time together will be Wed, Feb 24 at 6:30pm. The zoom numbers were in the February newsletter, and I’ll try to include

them each week in my “Musings.”

I remind the Session that our monthly meeting will be this coming Sunday at 6:30pm. Please provide your reports electronically.

In addition, this is the week to have information to Kim for the March newsletter.

I am so grateful to have had heat during this extreme cold. My heart grieves for those who have been without (Texas) and for those who are chronically unhoused and hungry. Let us live in gratitude for our blessings, and resolve to do all we can to help our brothers and sisters in distress.

Grace and peace, Pastor Carol

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