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MIDWEEK MUSINGS – April 5, 2022 – John Knox


We are about to enter the week called “Holy Week.” It is a time during which we think about and try to feel the awfulness of what Jesus intentionally put himself into for our sake. And this year I think for many of us, as we see the videos and pictures of the devastation and atrocities in Ukraine, there is a renewed understanding of just how awful humans can be to other humans.

You, like me, have read and studied the holocaust, but we didn’t see it in real time. I’ve been to a concentration camp in Germany and expect to visit another this summer as my family travels in Europe. I remember the sick feeling I experienced as I walked through that place of horror.

I also visited the site of the POW camp near the border of Burma and Thailand, next to the “bridge over the river Kwai.” There I saw tiny scraps of paper that prisoners had used to write their thoughts and experiences. The only way those words could be read was with magnification. But again, the sense of horror was felt as I saw evidence of deprivation, starvation, forced labor.

I remind us of all this wretchedness, not to throw you into despair – although I admit that is a temptation – but to remind you of the strength of the human spirit. Think of the resilience being shown by the Ukrainians, vastly out-numbered and out-gunned, yet determined to protect their homes and country.

Jesus willingly entered into his time of danger, endured the “scourging” and humiliation brought on him by the religious leaders and the Romans. Even in his death, he remained faithful to his purpose, to show all of us that death does not win. Our God is one of love and compassion and even in the face of human evil, we must not despair; we must not give in to it; we must not become it.

May this coming week remind you once again of the overwhelming love and power of God, who brings us through whatever trouble life brings, who wants for us good and joy.

In God’s grace and mercy. Pastor Carol

Remember this coming Sunday, Palm Sunday, we will celebrate with Colby Thomas and his family as Colby makes his public profession of faith. There will be a reception in the Grand Hall following worship. Please plan to be present.

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