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MIDWEEK MUSINGS – April 12, 2022 – John Knox


What a happy Sunday we shared. I love handbells, and it was so great to have them as part of our service. And to witness Colby Thomas complete his confirmation, sharing his statement of faith and the blessing he chose. And a big thanks to the folks who put together our fellowship time – how long has it been since we have done that?

But I share caution – COVID is still with us. The new variant is very contagious, so please keep being careful, get vaccinated and boosted!

Presbyterian Women is planning another “Soup Sale” with orders taken on April 24 and pick-up on May 1. The flavor will be Hamburger Macaroni, and the price is the same - $8 per quart with $1 jar deposit.


On Thursday we will gather for the Maundy Thursday service beginning at 6:30pm. The service reminds us of that Last Supper Jesus had with his disciples. At the end of the service, we will “strip” the church. That is, we will carry out any decorations or symbols of our faith to leave everything bare and empty. We are reminding ourselves, or trying to put ourselves into the mindset, of the early disciples who saw Jesus die on the cross and thought that was the end. I know it is hard to set aside our knowledge and security of the resurrection, but I hope you will try. Try to feel the emptiness of that time after the cross and before Easter morning. Try to feel what our world might have been like without the resurrection, without God’s gracious love and mercy – even for just a few minutes.

I am hoping for good weather for Saturday morning for the community Easter egg hunt. Talk with Kathy Babbitt if you have questions. Let’s put on a good showing for our community neighbors, smiles and welcome all around!

And I’m hoping as many of you as possible will be with us in-person for Easter. I know many of you take advantage of our live streaming on Sunday mornings, but there is an extra joy in being physically present with the church family. And, please, invite friends and neighbors to join us also 😊

Grace and peace, Pastor Carol

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