It's Toxic Out There!

The greatest recent breakthrough in cancer treatment is immunotherapy. Instead of the trauma of surgery or chemotherapy, immunotherapy uses medicine that helps a persons' own immune system recognize and attack toxic cancer cells that threaten the body. To me this is a powerful analogy to the role of all of us who are followers of Jesus. Our role in the world is to help the world recognize what is toxic--physically, socially, and spiritually--so that the world can fight off the toxins and more closely become the healthy world that God has created.

There are all kinds of toxicity in our world:

*Biological: infections, cancer, pollution, and all other kinds of disease

*Climatological: increasingly severe weather patterns that threaten everything from farming to coastal cities to massive migration patterns

*Social: racism, sexism, ageism, cyber bullying, the increasing capacity to buy political leaders with mountains of money, insuring government by and for the powerful

*Spiritual: the messages that meaning and success in life are defined by money, popularity, and power over others

The role of Christians in the world is to help the world recognize and attack all of these toxins that are threatening our world, in the same way that immunotherapy medicine helps the body recognize and attack the cancer cells that threaten the body. In both cases, the objective is true health, the well-being that God intends for all of us.

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