Time to Learn

Yes, I'm back. I've been away from this blog for awhile--okay, a long while. Call it a sabbatical. Anyway, I'm back.

It's the middle of August and that means students, teachers, and administrators are heading back to school. This is because as a culture we have agreed that one of the most important things we can do is to help each generation learn. And if you've talked to anyone connected with education lately, you know it ain't easy. We have underpaid teachers using their own money to buy desperately needed supplies for their students, and spending the majority of their energy not teaching but just trying to keep peace in the classroom. We have administrators wondering how they are going to get adequate funding with state and local budget crunches. We have a third of our students depending on schools not only to teach but to feed them breakfast and lunch. No, it ain't easy.

Good thing most of us who are long out of school don't have those challenges. We're free to dedicate ourselves to the gift of learning. And yet most of us don't! I'm not talking about getting advanced degrees and trying to be experts in everything. I'm talking about learning something about anything! Fifty years ago, as a culture we used to think: "We have the advantage of computers now. We have all kinds of time saving devices. If only we can gather enough information we'll be able to understand almost anything!" And yet today the internet, talk radio and TV, and social media all drown us in information--some of it hogwash--and we now seem to know less and less. Instead of trying to learn about a given issue, we pick the side that feels comfortable and listen to nothing else.

Spiritual vitality means, among other things, opening ourselves to what God is showing us about our world. This means we are created to learn, and to sometimes have our preconceived notions challenged. This is the way we grow intellecutally--and also spiritually.

How much do you know about any of the important issues that face us as a world or even you as an individual? Wouldn't you like to know our world better--not the simplistic hype, but the real, often complex truth? We have been created to be creatures who learn--so we better get busy.

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