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Living our faith.  Making a difference.  Seeing how God can change lives.  Our ministries take many forms, and each is all about faithful people giving of themselves to help transform the lives of others.



Teaching children that God loves them and wants them to love others.  Helping them understand the spiritual dimensions of life.  We help children explore their growing faith in a safe and nurturing environment.

Youth and Young Adults


Be yourself.  Laugh.  Pray.  Grow.  Help people in need.  Have fun!  Learn how to take your faith into adulthood.  And make some pretty great friends along the way.



In worship, learning, fellowship, and service to others, we strive to be all we can be as followers of Jesus.  What are your gifts?  How can you use them to serve God and make a difference in your world?

Sunday School

As Christians, we never stop learning.  At 10:30 on Sunday mornings we focus our time on helping Christians of all ages grow in faith and understanding of what it means to follow God in our lives.



Music helps us praise God in ways that words alone just can't do.  Our singers and musicians share their musical gifts each Sunday and also help us sing our praises to God.  From time to time we also welcome musicians from our community into the church for special concerts and workshops. 

Community Service

We believe that our faith isnt' complete until it's lived in service to others.  Whether it's volunteering at TEAM (The Emergency Assistance Ministry, our local emergency food bank), providing a community Easter Egg Hunt for kids, or meeting with community leaders to help improve the quality of life in our community--it's all about service.

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