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Sunday morning is the focal point for gathering together and renewing our faith.  As we worship, learn, and serve, we grow as followers of Jesus Christ.

Sunday Morning


There is a major change in the way you will receive the Sunday morning worship service. We will be recording the entire service and making it available to you at 9:30a.m. on the JKPC Facebook page. Because it is recorded, you will be able view it later or the next day if you choose. I hope many of you will continue to join at 9:30 and be sure to use the comment line to let us know you are with us.

Fellowship at 10:30am on Sunday following worship service on the front lawn. A time for greeting one another and sharing any prayer concerns.


Opportunities learn more about Jesus, the Bible, and living our faith in the world. See PWJK Bible Study

Serving the wider World


2nd Sundays:  Pick up "Yellow Bags" to fill with food items for TEAM (The Emergency Assistance Ministry), our local food bank


3rd Sundays:  Take the loaded Yellow Bags to TEAM, 265 St. Catherine, Florissant, MO 63031


4th Sundays:  "Coffee and Donate"--the money donated in coffee hour is used to support Heifer Project International

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In-person worship resumed May 2, 2021.

See the May 2021 Newsletter with "GUIDELINES FOR IN-PERSON WORSHIP"

October 20:

Congregational Meeting to Elders.

Nominating Committee Rep

October 27:

Appreciation Reception for Pastor Richard Dalton

November 3:

All Saints Remembrance

November 10:

Stew Meal " Celebration of the Ministries of JKPC

November 17:

Stewardship Dedication

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