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Presbyterian Women of John Knox (PWJK)



PWJK is an organization dedicated to friendship, learning, and service.  Women's circles are a wonderful way to make new friends and grow in Christian faith through Bible study. 


But that's just the beginning of the life of PWJK.  Annual fundraising projects like our St. Patrick's Day Dinner and Trash to Treasure events provide funds for a variety of mission projects.  Women's circles also provide meals to bereaved families following funerals or in family emergencies.  Special offerings like "The Least Coin" also help us make a difference in our community and in the wider world.  And each spring we join in the Celebration of Women, leading our congregation in worship and lifting up the gifts of women.


Women have been a great source of leadership, caring, and service since the days of Jesus.  We are proud to carry that heritage into the 21st Century through PWJK.



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